Reenart Gallery

Reenart Gallery was born out of a vision to build a platform dedicated to modern art and the need for a professional platform to connect artists with art lovers. We are seen as a niche gallery, far from the normal established art dealing approach, by featuring in numerous places around the world throughout the year. We have a large collection of original paintings that are dynamic and high-powered.


Head Office:
178 High Street
Prahran, Melbourne
Victoria Australia 3181

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Phone 1: +61-3-9333 7655
Phone 2: +61-433 202 067

Trying To Paint Something

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More Artworks

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Free To Fly

Artist: Mani Majithia

Medium: Oil Painting

Dimensions: 155cm (H) x 105cm (W)

I am a free spirit and free to fly, either admire me from the ground or  fly with me but ever don’t ever try to cage me. The painter Mani Majithia has tried to aware folks through her finest oil painting that they are like us who love freedom to live.  

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Old Couple

Artist: Rav Verma

Medium: Brown Pencil, Charcoal, Mixed Media

Dimensions: 55cm (H) x 45cm (W)

Unframed Age has no bar to express love and affection to someone whom you love. In this painting of Rav Verma used mix media in which you see an old couple and realize that someone actually can love you forever.

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Trying To Stop Time

Artist: Amy Dayie

Medium: Charcoal

Dimensions: 70cm (H) x 56cm (W)



Amy, the painter is trying to stop time through his colors to keep continue his drawing which shows her deep artistic love in the classy charcoal painting.   

1 in stock


Artist: Sunny Azad

Medium: Mixed Media

Dimensions: 70cm (H) x 100cm (W)

Bull is a domesticated animal. In this wonderful artwork, the artist tried to paint a super bull in a very creative form. He used oil and acrylic paints and blended them properly. A good piece of mixed media.