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Reenart Gallery was born out of a vision to build a platform dedicated to modern art and the need for a professional platform to connect artists with art lovers. We are seen as a niche gallery, far from the normal established art dealing approach, by featuring in numerous places around the world throughout the year. We have a large collection of original paintings that are dynamic and high-powered.


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nude woman

Nude Woman

Artist: Sandy Kumar

Medium: Water Colour

Dimensions: 75cm (H) x 55cm (W)

Unframed Sex is something that occurs when our bodies are naked. But, love is something that happens when we are nude. The painting painted with the same thought by our brilliant artist Sandy Kumar.  

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cuddling nude

Cuddling Nude

Artist: Sandy Kumar

Medium: Water Colour

Dimensions: 54cm (H) x 74cm (W)

Unframed: The classy cuddling nude water color painting produced by Sandy Kumar leaves a lesson that cuddling in bed and falling asleep is probably the best feeling in the relationship. For Reference Check:

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skulls and watch

Skulls And Watch

Artist: Sandy Kumar

Medium: Oil Painting

Dimensions: 193cm (H) x 115cm (W)

Artist Sandy Kumar has done the best work in his amazing artwork using oil colour on canvas which stated that life is unpredictable as nobody knows about their death, therefore you should prepared to die at anytime while enjoying your every moment.

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in the wild

In The Wild

Artist: Sandy Kumar

Medium: Water Colour

Dimensions: 73cm (H) x 53cm (W)



Being a wild you explore several aspects of nature and its creatures. You not only explore but you also feel peace getting away from the hustle and bustle of a city. The painting named “In the wild” painted by Sandy Kumar, takes us to the same environment that we exactly want sometimes.

Related Artwork

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Artist: Sunny Azad

Medium: Oil Painting

Dimensions: 125cm (H) x 90cm (W)

There are two ways to be fooled-one is to believe what is not true, other is to refuse to accept what is true. The oil painting describes the same thing “deception” through two birds which one is having meal ignoring another who is not having because of his affection for him.  

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free to fly

Free To Fly

Artist: Mani Majithia

Medium: Oil Painting

Dimensions: 155cm (H) x 105cm (W)

I am a free spirit and free to fly, either admire me from the ground or  fly with me but ever don’t ever try to cage me. The painter Mani Majithia has tried to aware folks through her finest oil painting that they are like us who love freedom to live.  

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Artist: Amy Dayie

Medium: Brown Pencil

Dimensions: 67cm (H) x 47cm (W)

Unframed Art has the capacity to depicts  what is going on in human minds all the time. Human being is always worried about the time and clock bangs in his mind but he can be liberated from the worries and be at peace when he starts looking life through the prism of energy that is also called light. Amy has correlated time, light and mind very successfully and painted well on paper with brown pencil.

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broken skull

Broken Skull

Artist: Sandy Kumar

Medium: Acrylic Painting

Dimensions: 105cm (H) x 105cm (W)

Sandy Kumar is a brilliant artist and he can not speaks and listens but he speaks and listens through colors when he paints on canvas. This painting is one of his series on Skull. Broken Skull, well painted in acrylic on canvas.